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Interesting facts about books …

Interestingly, the topic of Prissus papyrus is very relevant today. Since the end of the X century, woodcutting in China has become widespread. Then, for many months, scribes and bookbinders worked on the book. Their pages were 32x x32 centimeters in format and 2.5 centimeters thick – a real flat brick. The old text was washed off with milk or scraped off with a knife. Calf or sheep skin was soaked in a mortar, dried, stretched on a frame, smoothed out with pumice, and finally honey was rubbed into this skin. Parchment for one thick book had to slaughter a whole herd of calves. In Korea, China, Japan, this method was already used in VII! century AD. So many old, sometimes priceless books were ruined. There were dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of such pages in the book.

The largest book in the world was presented this year at the International Book Fair in Havana. It was made as follows. All 14,000 verses can be easily read with the naked eye, and if you look at the sheet from some distance, you see a colorful map of Italy. New text was written on peeled parchment. The library of the British Museum stores Harris papyrus about 45 meters long.
Clay books were issued in ancient Assyria. The height of the book is greater than the height of the average adult, the width is 1 meter, the thickness is about half a meter.

The heaviest book in the world is considered a geographical atlas, stored in the British Museum, in London. As we see, over five millennia nothing has changed. This book is called the Collection of Maritime Rules. This book was found in one of the pyramids of Thebes. Molten wax was poured onto the plank pages, and while it was still soft, it was smoothed. Several planks were connected with a lace into a little book. It was created in 3350 BC. Buddhist texts were published in this way in tens of thousands of copies.
The most ancient book on Earth is considered the so-called papyrus Prissa. The first books, similar to modern ones, appeared around the 1st century AD. They wrote on solidified wax with a sharp metal stick. Now the papyrus is in the Paris National Library.

Some scroll books were very long. The author of the oldest book complains that young people are ill-mannered, lazy and vicious. The collection of sayings of famous people has 380 centimeters in length and 350 centimeters in height. This is the so-called generational conflict. Celani spent four years on this work. Parchment as material for book pages in the II century BC was used in the city of Pergamum (Asia Minor). Sometimes parchment is reused. The method of multiple reproduction of texts from forms engraved on a tree – woodcut, in all likelihood, was invented in the East. They were made of wood. The atlas is more than one meter high and weighs 320 kilograms.
The 1112-volume edition of British Parliamentary Documents is the largest in the world, weighing 3,300 kilograms.
The twelve smallest books in the world fit in one tablespoon.

One of the most unusual books in the world is Dante’s Divine Comedy, written on a 80 by 60 cm sheet of paper by Benedictine monk Gabriel Celani. And another big book in the world is in one of the Dutch museums in Amsterdam.

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